Philippe Joulot, software/web developer

#ILoveTheWeb #IAmAMozillian

Philippe Joulot

Current job:
Drupal developer

Working at Mellenger Interactive

Frontend and Backend development
with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

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I am a Mozillian

I quickly joined the mission of the foundation Mozilla which is to defend an open web accessible to everyone.

I volunteer by speaking to people about Mozilla during events where the foundation is present and participating in their projects such as Firefox OS or Aframe.

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Several causes are particularly important to me, and I do not hesitate to support them financially or by volunteering.

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd

To protect the oceans, the marine ecosystem and especially marine mammals.

Online Privacy

Online privacy

Everyone should be able to surf freely on the Internet without being afraid of being spied unknowingly.

Rainbow Flag

LGBT Rights

Everyone deserves to be happy and to be free to love whom he/she wishes.

Aframe VR

Aframe VR Enthusiastic

Aframe is a framework developed by Mozilla to help developers to create content for virtual reality on the web.

Excited by this initiative, I acquired a virtual reality headset and began to develop with Aframe.

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