About me

My name is Philippe Joulot, I'm born in Vélizy-Villacoublay in France and I currently live in Vancouver in Canada.

I love to go in meetups in order to learn more about new technologies and meet other developers.


Computer sciences

My passion for computer sciences and more precisely for the web gave me the wonderful job of software developer.

I love write code and realise all sort of ideas that trough my mind. I also like to combine my other interests with coding. I develop mostly web applications and websites, but I also like to discover other technologies. I have a particular interest in Open Source and I like to spend some time to contribute for projects like Drupal, Aframe (WebVR) or Firefox OS.

Visit my Github account

Sci Fi and TV shows

I am a big fan of TV shows, and I maintain some websites about this subject.

I also participate to sci-fi and TV shows conventions where I love to meet the actors and fans from all kind of countries.

Logo Philippe Joulot


I love animals a lot and in particular orcas that are my favorites. When I was a child, I discovered orcas with Keiko in the movie Free Willy, since then I have always admired this animal.

That explains the logo of this website.